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BCMS Figurines

The BCMS Musical Figurines?

At one of our board meetings last fall as we were dreaming up the revival of the Bellingham Chamber Music Society, one of our board members had the idea of collecting musical figurines as part of our website image design…and what a fabulous idea it turned out to be!

You never know when one of the millions of ideas humans can have might catch on to suit your purpose well. The musical figures certainly did that for us at BCMS! We decided that these would be a part of our website and visual cue to help to define the BCMS. 

We began taking our small friends out on field trips with the idea that we would go to places that are identifiable to Bellingham and the surrounding area.  Our first trip was to our fabulous Whatcom Falls Park. As a park that is loved by so many in our community we thought this would be a good first place for a photoshoot.  We visited the park with our bag full of figurines and began to set them up on that lovely bridge built by the Works Progress Administration in 1939. It did not take long for people to stop and express their delight at these figurines. People asked if they were for sale or if they could take their picture with them. Several people shared that their brother or sister, or spouse, or kid,  played the clarinet…or the piano…or the saxophone…or the violin…or…it was so uplifting for the heart!

Photo taken by Rich Murphy License: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial (CC BY-NC)

It was clear that these little figurines brought out joy for people and what a wonderful discovery for us as this is our goal when we actually play the music live!  

We continued with our field trips and brought our figurines to the tulip fields in Skagit Valley. Just like we experienced at Whatcom Falls Park, people were intrigued by these little figurines  and wanted to include them in their own photographs of the tulip fields….

…..the shores of Lake Whatcom…. 

….the wonderful Pump Track at the Bellingham waterfront.  

We will continue to take our musical friends with us as we visit the spectacular places near and dear to our hearts all the while spreading the word about the joy of community and music making. 

Hope to see you out on one of our field trips. Please stop and say hi if you see us out there!

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